Windows 10 for Android, the sound likes unrealistic, isn’t it? But here in this article, I’m going to share the best trick, how you can easily install windows 10 on Any Android phone or tablet. I’m not talking about any launcher apps for Android. This is an emulation trick Pc Windows 10 for Android, it doesn’t require root permission. After following this trick, you will be able to run Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and also 10 on your Android device.


Windows 10 for Android phone

Android system doesn’t allow to run pc Windows OS, so how we can do this. Actually, I’m gonna tell about PC emulator trick. After using this trick, you will get a Windows interface on your Android phone. Even you get mouse option and some other things which we get in a real PC user interface. I seen most of the android users search for this trick, finally, I’m going to share this with easy installation steps. Just follow some simple steps to get windows 10 on any Android.


How to Install Windows OS on Android

You need not any high-end Android smartphone to run Windows 10, you can run it on any cheap Android devices without root permission. This isn’t risky to use this trick on your Android phone. If you think your phone’s OS will be changed into Windows OS, so you are wrong. This isn’t possible to get 100% Windows OS on any Android phone. Whatever, let’s get started with the main trick. Here you need to follow these simple steps.

Requirements for this trick

  • An Android phone
  • Limbo PC Emulator app (Download link given below)
  • Windows .IMG (Download link given below)

Windows 10, XP, 8 for Android

At first, you need an Android device and then you have download Limbo PC Emulator app on that phon from Google Play Store. Then download any Windows .IMG file which version you want to install, download links given below. You can install Windows 7, Windows 8 along with Windows 10. Just download any one of these files. I hardly recommend using Windows XP, because XP .IMG file comes under 360 MB, when Windows 10 is more than 3 GB. Just download which version you want to install. Now follow these steps.

Note: Windows 10 for higher chipset Android devices.

Windows 10 for Android

Step 1. At first, you have to download an application to run Windows on Android. Go to Google Play Store and search for Limbo PC Emulator and install the app or click the download button to download it.


Step 2. Now download any.IMG file, download the version which you want to run on your phone. Download from below.

  1. Windows XP
  2. Windows 8
  3. Windows 10


Step 3. After download Limbo PC Emulator app just open it and read term and condition and tap to I ACKNOWLEDGE Button then read the change log and tap OK button. Now close the app.

Step 4. Now go to file manager of your phone and you will get a new folder named “limbo” Now find the Windows file which you will have downloaded from above links. Just find the file and copy it to the “limbo” folder.

Step 5. Start the limbo PC emulator app and then there you need to make these following set up to run Windows on Android.

How to load Windows OS in limbo ×86 for Android:

Windows 10 for Android

Step 6. After open, the app, tap to ‘Load Machine’ and select ‘New’ and write a name of your new machine like Windows 10 for Android.

Step 7. In “CPU/Board” box make these following settings.

Windows 10 for Android

Architecture: ×86

Machine Type: pc

CPU Model: Defult

CPU Cores: 1

RAM Memory: 512 MB


Step 8. In “Storage” box, tap to ‘Hard Disk A’ then tap to ‘None’ and select ‘Open’ then it will open the file manager. Go to limbo folder and select the Windows .IMG file which you have to download from top listed links.

Step 9. Skip other boxes and last make changes in “User Interface” box. Make sure to change these following settings.

Windows 10 for Android

User Interface: SDL

Orientation: Landscape

Full Screen: Tick

Step 10. After changing all of these settings scroll up and tap to Start or load button and wait because this may take up to 2 minutes. That’s it, this way you can run Windows on your Android phone.




This was a simple trick for Android that how you can run Windows OS on your Android phone. There are a lot of tricks available to get Pc interface on your phone. I will share more trick on this website. If any question regarding this article “Windows 10 for Android” so please feel free to write in comment box. Keep visiting Android Territory for more tips and tricks.


  1. Thanks for this nice post !
    But does the Limbo emulator support touch screen after successfully installing the window ? And secondly, do i have to unroot my rooted Android phone before installing the window ? I have all the stuffs downloaded !


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