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vidmate apkVidMate apk is one of the most popular and greatest apps that allows downloading HD Video, songs from deferent video platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Instagram and more. To use this VidMate app you can download high-quality videos from those famous video platforms.

If you have ever downloaded a video from YouTube or Dailymotion using any other third-party app or website like (, then you may know, you can’t download the Full HD video from there. To download Full HD from there website or app either you have to pay or create an account. VidMate Apk is the app that doesn’t require to create an account and also you don’t need to pay money to download HD videos.

VidMate APK Latest Version V3.47

Download VidMate.Apk



VidMate Old Version APK V1.47

Download VidMate.Apk


Besides this, if you take a look at the user interface of this app, it looks awesome and user-friendly. VidMate Apk, in this app you get YouTube search, Google search, apps, music and more. You can watch YouTube videos and also download those videos in just tow and more clicks. VidMate has a superfast downloader that downloads the videos as well as its’ subtitles from YouTube. Obviously, VidMate Apk is the highly recommended video downloader for Android.


VidMate Apk Free Download (App Info)

vidmate apk

Size8 MB
Installs100 Millions+
Requires Android4.0+
Root RequiredNo



VidMate Apk Download | Latest Version 2018 (App Features)

VidMate is a powerful video and music downloader app that was developed by the VidMate team. It has a lot of features for that it is being used by millions of people on their Android phone as well as in Pc. VidMate users search for “VidMate old version apk download” and also for “VidMate latest apk download” on the Internet. Android users mostly use the VidMate app and the app is not on Google Play Store, therefore they search on Google for ‘VidMate Apk‘. You might have known all the features of VidMate latest apk. Let’s take s look at the most used features of VidMate.

● Download Full HD Videos:

vidmate apk

VidMate is generally used to download videos only. Most of the users use it for downloading HD videos from YouTube. Some people also use to download YouTube videos, but they don’t allow downloading Full HD videos. VidMate is a cool app and it allows downloading any videos of its full resolution. It allows downloading videos from popular websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram and more. Another great feature here we get is fast download speed. To download a full HD video song it takes just a few seconds. It provides faster downloading speed than similar other apps.

● Download Latest Movies:

vidmate apk

It has a great search algorithm. It searches movies from deferent websites on the Internet and it collects the direct download links. Download unlimited Hollywood, Bollywood movies free of cost using VidMate Apk. In the Feature option, it brings the latest movies and trending movies, a user can easily download those in just a few clicks.

● Download New Songs

vidmate apk

VidMate is usually not used to download songs but for the music lovers, it could be a great app. It provides downloading videos in many qualities as well as deferent formats such (.mp3), (.mp4). It gives mp3 and m4a formats download options of almost videos. VidMate Apk has a music searching engine that searches and collects music and its’ direct download links.

● User-Friendly Interface

vidmate apk

UI is the main thing that makes an app user-friendly. VidMate is free to download but the company earns huge money just selling ads to minimize the app. The interface of this app makes it easy to use. It has many features and some of those usable features are, pause and resume download, the app downloads in a background process, download multiple files at a time, it has own video player and more. Overall, this is an entertainment app that allows to search, view, watch, hear and download various media contents from deferent websites and platforms free of cost.



Download VidMate Old Version And Latest Version Free (Download Apk)

VidMate is no longer available on Google Play Store, therefore, you have to download and install the VidMate Apk file on your Android phone. I recommend you to always download this app from any trusted source otherwise you might face problems such as malware, virus or other hacking issues. You can download from this website safely without any a single issue. To download and install VidMate app your device needs minimum 10 MB free storage.



Installation Guide:

After downloading Vidmate Apk you have to install this following the simple installation guide. For first time installation on an Android phone, ‘Unknown Sources’ option must be turned on. If you don’t know how to turn on Unknown Sources and install an Apk file from file manager you can see the following steps.

vidmate apk

  1. Go to phone Settings on your Android phone, then go to the Security / Advance options.
  2. You will get a section there named Privacy, tap it and you will see an option “Unknown Sources” just click the option and turn it on.
  3. Find the VidMate Apk in your phone storage, then tap the Apk file and then tap to Install the file your phone.

How to Use VidMate App on Android Phone

In this modern age, watching videos, movies, listening music, spending times on Internet, there are some common ways to kill times and entertain ourselves. For all these, we must need an Internet connection. If you are one of them who spend their much time on YouTube, then you also like to download on your phone storage and you can watch that later on your favorite video player. To use VidMate you can download any video from YouTube, Facebook, and other places.

If you only heard and saw VidMate app on your friends’ mobile phone or somewhere and you really don’t know how to use the latest VidMate app. I’m going to be discussing and showing how you can download HD videos from YouTube using this app. I’m going to show you easy 3 steps to download videos from the VidMate app.

1. Search what you are looking for: You might want to download a YouTube video using VidMate. You can search the same video in the VidMate YouTube section and also you can copy the video link from YouTube then past it the VidMate search.

vidmate apk

2. Choose the format you want to download: After searching and getting the video, you can download it in many formats like Mp3 and Mp4 and in deferent qualities. If you want to download the music only you can choose music format or video format.

vidmate apk

3. VidMate HD video downloader: Which fills were clicked to be downloaded, you will get and see those files in the downloader menu. After downloaded, those files will be found in your phone memory in the VidMate folder.


Final Words

VidMate is free to download from the internet but you should download from a trusted source only. You can download the official VidMate APK from our website.

Note: Download videos, movies, songs, apps and more kinds of stuff from YouTube, Facebook and defer from different platforms using VidMate software is illegal, we strongly not recommend to download those videos. If you do so, that would be at your own risk.

The article on the “VidMate Apk download” and “VidMate app” is just for the educational and general purpose only. The content doesn’t promote any fraudulent activities and doesn’t mislead others. There are a lot of apps available that similar to VidMate. Do a search for it downloader in the search bar on Android Territory. Keep visiting for more article like this one.


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