Is it possible to use a WhatsApp without a phone number or sim card? Actually, it is possible. This means you can create WhatsApp account without your own phone number. Entirely, you need a phone number to use a WhatsApp (own or generated number). In this post, I’m going to share the best Trick – how to use WhatsApp without a phone number.

If you do not want to use your private phone number of using WhatsApp, so this article will be very helpful for you. You can generate a phone number, even you can use the number to verify WhatsApp account. Let the main trick begin.


How to use WhatsApp without phone number (Fake WhatsApp number) – 2018


whatsapp without phone number

Requirements for this trick:

  • WhatsApp app | Download
  • Primo app | Download
  • A valid phone number (for Primo app)

WhatsApp is a messenger app that allows exchanging text, images, videos etc with end-to-end encryption for Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry, Java users. It’s free and easy to use. Most of the people do search for best tips and tricks for WhatsApp, and here, I will be sharing one of the best working tricks for WhatsApp. For this trick, you have to download WhatsApp and Primo app from Google Play Store.

Primo is communication app that allows free call and SMS worldwide. It comes with a great feature which is “Primo Us Phone Number” You can generate a Us +1 phone number. Let’s see how to use the app to create WhatsApp account with Us +1 number.


Follow these steps to use WhatsApp without phone number


whatsapp without phone number

1. Sign up for Primo: Open the primo app, and tap to ‘SIGN UP’ button. You have to put a valid phone number in the number section, and tap to ‘Send confirmation code‘ button to verify the phone number. Now enter a valid e-mail address, also you have to verify the e-mail address.


whatsapp without phone number

2. Get a free Primo Us +1 phone number: After creating a Primo account, now you have to apply to get us +1 number. As you can see the screenshot there’s a ‘Primo US Phone Number‘ option, just tap to ‘BUY’ button of this option. Then, Select the ‘Free Trial‘ to get a Us +1 phone number (FREE), validity for 8 days. Whatever, you just need to use the number to verify the WhatsApp one time.

Select the ‘Free Trial‘ that is free, and note the phone number.


whatsapp without phone number

3. Create a WhatsApp account using the number: Now, you got a Us +1 phone number. You can use the phone number to create a WhatsApp account. Open WhatsApp app tap ‘AGREE AND CONTINUE‘ Now put the Us phone number to the number section. Put number along +1 country code. Tap to ‘Next

Now, you have to verify the number with either ‘Send SMS’ or ‘Call me‘ option. You might get a problem to verify with SMS, I recommend you to verify with a phone call. Keep turning on the Internet connection, and tap to ‘Call me’ and wait for a phone call. You will get a phone call from the Primo app. Receive the call that is from WhatsApp, and verify WhatsApp.




This was a simple trick that how to use WhatsApp without number or sim card. If you have any question regarding this article, so please feel free to use the comment box. Keep visiting



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