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Supercell ID – We all know supercell is giving more and more conveniences to their players but is it really worth? of course, it is but sometimes we really couldn’t understand its advantages. This time they have put a button in the settings section of Clash of clans. Most of the players of Clash of Clans have been using this feature called Supercell ID since it discovered. If you are a player of Clash of Clans and if you want to use the service of SC ID, Read the article to know the advantages and disadvantages of Supercell ID.

How To Use Supercell ID | Sign in & Log in Problems in Supercell Id | Advantages of SC ID

If you are using more than one Clash of clans account you should know the advantages and also the disadvantages of Supercell id services. I have seen most of the players are confused about using this and some of the players actually don’t know how to use supercell id. I have discussed this topic that are the Supercell id really worth, How to use supercell Id? And log in, sign in problems in Supercell id.

What is Supercell ID?

Supercell ID is a gaming service by supercell for their players to sync game progress, village accounts, or rather connect your villages with SC ID to safeguard and transfer your Coc accounts to another Android or iOS device.

How to Use Supercell ID

How to use supercell id in Clash of Clans? It is very easy and here is simple methods to sign in & log in.

Supercell Id Create an account: If you start using Supercell Id with you clash of clans account you will not able to use of its play game id to sync and safeguard your progress anymore. To make a supercell id you just need an email id then follow these steps.

supercell id

Open clash of clans >> Go to Settings section >> You will see a red button named Supercell ID, Tap it >> You will see a simple interface LOG IN & CRRAT NEW options page, tap to CREATE NEW button >> It will ask you for a valid email address, tap to CONTINUE >> Put your email address in those blanks text edit area,

supercell id

Press to REGISTER button >> Tapping the CONTINUE button a verification email will be sent, Check your mailbox,

supercell id

And note those 6 digit code >> Paste it to the VERIFY page, then tap SUBMIT button. That’s it all you have known how to create a supercell ID account.

supercell id

Supercell ID log in: To log in to supercell ID all you need to do is go to settings panel of Clash of clans >> Put your email which was verified and created account with Supercell ID, tap to the checkbox Remember me on this device then tap to LOG IN >> A verification massege will be sent to your email to confirm your id, check your email inbox and note the 6 digit code and past it one the log in page, tap to SUBMIT >> and all you have done tap the button last time CONFIRM. The supercell ID connected base will be loaded successfully.

Android Supercell ID Problems

Supercell ID log in problem – There are a many of the Coc players have been facing Issue of Supercell id. Either they are facing problems while doing sign in or log in. One of my friends messaged me saying he wasn’t able to create a supercell id because he has put verification code wrong several times, neither he was able to create an Id nor login and his Google play connect button was also missing. After waiting 24 hours and more he is able to log in his account succesfuly.

supercell id problems

Oops! too many attempts, please try again later or any kind of problems in supercell ID. I recommend you try again after 24 hours and more.

if you are facing any problem with Supercell ID just write a comment in the comment section below, we will reply you as soon as we can.

Use of Supercell ID

Before you connect supercell ID with your village you should know Advantages and disadvantages of it. When you will connect your village with this service you will not able to connect anymore to its Google Play Game services. How to use multiple Cash of clans coc accounts with SC ID and, how many Clash of clans accounts can you connect with Supercell ID?

If you have more than one clash of clans accounts you must need to create more than one Supercell Id account. Each Supercell ID accounts for each coc village base. If you have 5 coc accounts you need 5 SC IDs.

You have loaded a coc village with supercell ID and there are not Google Play Game Button. How to load another coc villages that are not connected with Supercell but connected with Google Play Game service id?

Tap to LOG OUT button from the settings section then you will have two options those are – “Log in with Supercell ID” and “Play without Supercell ID” tap to the second option then a new village will be loaded on the screen. There you will see the Google play Connect button. You can connect your villages to tap the button.

How to Remove, Delete Supercell ID?

Once you connecte your account with the Supercell ID you will not able to remove, delete or detach your account.


This was an article about “Supercell ID” of Clash of Clans, and I have discussed some problems you might face with Clash of Clans SC ID. This SC ID is new, so I recommend, if you have only one or two accounts go for it. If you have many accounts of Clash of Clans wait for a few days to understand better then go for it. After connecting a coc village with Supercell ID or SC ID that was connected with Google Play Game id, you will not able to use Play Game sync services for that coc village account. I hope the article was helpful for you, keep visiting Android Territory for more Coc guide and Coc bases of Clash of clans.


  1. Saya salah masukan email terhadap desa saya,gimana solusinya agar desa saya tidak hilang,sementara says lupa email yg mana yg saya daftarkan ke supercell id,email desa sebelum nya saya tau email dan pas nya,mohon bantuanya

    • Thnx for your reply. I don’t think you can do this, once you connect your game account with SC ID you won’t be able to deteach or remove. Supercell didn’t provide this option.

    • To receive confirmation code it doesn’t take 24 hours, use your valid email adress, don’t use temporary email adress otherwise your coc account will be temp., Lol. Read the part of this article, how to create a supercell ID.

    • In future, Supercell ID will be must for any game of Supercell. I have been playing with more than 6
      coc accounts, but I have connected with 2 accounts with the Supercell ID.

  2. i have the problem with supercell id while i tried to login my coc account. The error message showing as “too many attempts, try again later” though i was entered the correct verification code at the time of login. That is a worst problem i have faced with coc for the first time. I messaged to the help centre several times but no positive result found. Now i wished to discontinue my SC id as well as unlinked it from my googleplay account. Please help by proper solution.

    • If you have not linked your game account to Supercell ID, you can still use your Google Play Game service. If have linked your account to SC id and you are getting problem while loging in, please try again after 24 hours.

  3. after connecting to sc id i lost my th 9 base and it got replaced by a th 9 base .. but i can view the losat acnt on the clan list… totally i dont knw whats dz sc id,, i ws just trying to get back a lost acnt and found something called sc id now i lost my 2 bases bcs of sc id

    • For the safty, I hope those coc base accounts were connected with Google Play Game service. To make it easy, clear the all data of the Clash of Clans app (Clear data only if you are sure your accounts were conected with Google play game service). Go to settings-applicationa-Clash of Clans and clear data. Then start the game you will see Google Play Game button tap it,(if you linked your account to SC ID) it will ask your email address, then follow the login part.

  4. That is the same problem that I am facing right now.. I have linked my TownHall 8 account with Supercell ID but after I switched accounts with my TownHall 7 and then when I tried to re-log in to my TownHall 8 account, I couldn’t and it says “Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again later”.

    • One Supercell ID for one account, So I think you must have two SC ID for your TH7 and TH8 accounts. If you are doing right everything and still facing the problem, you should try again later , try after 12…or 24 hours later.

  5. login my coc account. The error message showing as “too many attempts, try again later” though i was entered the correct verification code at the time of login after 24 hr now also it is saying same

  6. I beg you all the users of coc PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM SC ID I can’t login to two of TH10 accounts. Looks like my both accounts are lost. Thanks to supercell for screwing my two years of game play.

    And thanks to Mr.PowerBang YouTube video which led me into this mess.

    Stick to your good old trusted Google Play

  7. I can’t able to login my account in supercell I’d.It said “TOO MANY ATTEMPT TRY AGAIN LATER”.. I don’t know what can do account lost??..anyone know what can I do now?

    • Was the account connected with Google Play game service? To be safe don’t clear data of the clash of clans app. Try to log in again after a few hours later.

    • Bro, keep playing and try again after a few hours, till don’t load any other account on the village, I mean don’t switch to any other account from the current village in where you are facing the problem

  8. Im facing a problem i was able to log in my acc. Using my supercell id but it wasn’t able to get open.. It said too many attempts, try again later.. Can i open it again after severals times or a day?

  9. I just installed coc ‘back’ to check out this new feature. I just tried ‘directly’ connecting my game account to a new supercell id ‘without’ loading my base and the email id just connected to a new base. Now i don’t see the contact us option in the help and support to ask SC so i literally don’t know how to unlink my supercell id with that new base and connect it to the one which i want by the right process by first loading base with google play then connecting to SC id. Don’t want to make another email just for connecting my base to it.

  10. Hi thanks for helping my problem is from last 20hours it is coming’ too many attempts please try again later in super cell I’d I am not able to login.

  11. Bro help me i need to recover my lost th 9 the problem is TOO MANY ATTEMPTS plsss help me i need to get my account for me supercell id is useless

    • Don’t switch your account, otherwise the account could be lost. Just don’t switch your account, keep playing, try again to login after a few hours later.

  12. Dear sir
    I have two accounts in the game of clash of clans which I had to register the th9 name “ROMAN REIGNS” and another th9 name “PRIYANKA” of the game. I have done the registration but Somehow there is a mistake in it. I have registered Roman Reigns instead of Priyanka from the account…….. And priyanka instead in Roman Reigns from the account……
    What do I do ? Please help me

    • Don’t worry, that doesn’t matter what e-mail accounts have you used for your both accounts. It is not necessary that you have to link your coc account to Supercell ID using the same email which was linked to Google play game service. Does this make sense?😊

  13. i can’t be able to login in my super cell id , sir it is showing like oops , too many attempts try again later 😭😭😭 , should i lost my account sir????

    • my account is also showing this . but if you wait for 1 day and try to log in then while loggin in you will receive a code on your gmail account. so be paitent. you have not lost your account. please wait for 1or 2 days.

  14. I m not able to log in my supercell id as when i m logging it says that ”too many attempts try again later” i m worried that i havent lost my id as i have done very much struggle to take it th 9 half max

  15. but when i try to connect my accounts its shows too many attempts please try again later , help me what to do its my th9 base please help me

  16. Dear brother, at first my love and care. I am a teacher. I am in a problem. Just too many attempts. Try again later. understand? Maxtown Hall 11, Maxtown Hall 10. Other you are already scid but no verification code. In the future oco have to add option to delete or remove scid? Please answer me.

  17. I was trying to create a supercell id…but the varification code haven’t come in my email…why its happened..please give me a solution…

  18. Supercell id is just waste of time every time i switch to another account i need a verfication code after tick that remember me in this device

  19. HI!!!
    SUPERCELL!!!! [[ASH]]
    I have 2 accounts.MY first account is TOWNHALL 8 PLAYER NAME “IMMORTAL”.My second account is TOWNHALL 5 PLAYER NAME “JUMPCUTS”.I have connected my townhall 8 account to SUPERCELL ID.And i want to go to my JUMPCUTS shall i go.Pls say fast……………………………………….and also how to connect JUMPCUTS account to supercell id.


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