How to play multiple Clash of Clans accounts along with multiple coc icons on Android. Is this your question? if yes, then keep reading this article. In this article, I am going to show you the best trick on Clash of Clans game. If you play coc multiple accounts on your Android phone, then you may know the trouble or disturbance of switching accounts. Even I have been playing many coc accounts on my Android without getting any inconveniences or difficulty. I have got multiple Clash of Clans icons on my Android home screen, therefore I need not switch accounts several times. After known this trick, you can easily use multiple ‘clash of clans’ accounts on your Android phone. so let’s get started the trick.

Clash of clans Multiple Accounts on one Android Phone

Clashers got tired to connect and disconnect, switch their accounts several times. Most of the clashers nowadays play two or multiple coc accounts on one device. If you play 2 or more accounts on your device, then you should follow this following trick.



Requirements these apps to use multiple Coc accounts on one Android device

  • GO Multiple
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Parallel Space
  • Parallel Space Lite

You may have known about these apps. These are very popular apps for Android. Using these apps you can easily make clone apps or accounts, even you can connect those accounts with Google Play Services. There are a lot of apps available on Google Play Store which allow using clone apps.



Multiple Clash of clans coc accounts on Android

Here in this article, I am going to show you the way to use over 4 coc accounts on your android along with multiple icons, hence I don’t wanna make the article long. I will show, how to use those apps. Just keep reading this article and then you will be able to use dual or multiple coc accounts on your Android. If you have more than 5 ‘clash of clans’ accounts then you need to download more apps. You can also install these following apps to get more accounts spaces.

  • Multi Accounts
  • Super Clone
  • 2Space

Use multiple Clash of clans accounts with GO Multiple

multiple clash of clans accounts on one Android

GO Multiple is an Android app similar to parallel space. It allows to create a clone app into the ‘GO Multiple’ app, even you can create an icon of the clone app on Android home screen. The app rating is good on Play Store, 4.5+ stars rating and over 5 million downloads. Install the app on Google Play Store and open it. If you have installed clash of clans, you get the coc icon on the Go Multiple app’ interface menu. Either you can tap to “Enable” or tap to “Add” option to make clone app of coc. Then hold the icon and tap to “Create shortcut” to get the icon on your Android home screen. This app does support Google play service, that means you can connect your game to your Google account.




Have multiple Clash of clans accounts with Parallel Space

multiple clash of clans accounts on one Android

Parallel Space is one of the best apps to manage multiple accounts and apps on Android. Rating of the app is good, 4.6 stars rating and over 50 million downloads on Google Play Store. It comes with a very simple interface, open the app choose your coc game to make clone app. It also does support Google Play services. This app allows getting coc clone icon on Android home screen


Get multiple Coc accounts on one Android phone using Parallel Space Lite

multiple clash of clans accounts on one Android

This app is the lite version of Parallel Space. It also comes with simple interface and same features, even it has the same ratings on Play Store that is 4.6. You have to open the app and then tap to “Add Apps” go get clone app. It allows creating an icon of clone coc on Android home screen.


Multiple clash of clans accounts on one Android device with an app Multiple Accounts

multiple clash of clans accounts on one Android

This is also one of the best apps to run multiple accounts on Android. Google Play rating is 4.2 and over 1 million Android downloads. You will get many features in the app, i.e Lock and Secret Zone and more. To get clone app of coc, open the app and choose the coc game. It also allows getting a shortcut of clone coc account on Android home screen.




Must read all the apps’ permissions to run on your Android phone. Go to play store and read descriptions of all apps. You can run more than 4 coc accounts on every Android phone along with multiple icons. Install Clash of clans from Play Store before try to make clone app. Using all of the listed apps, you can run multiple clash of clans accounts on Android. All apps allow getting icons of clone apps on Android home screen. Most of the clashers search for ‘clash of clans 2 accounts 1 device Android or ‘how to have multiple clash of clans accounts on one device. This was the trick to have multiple clash of clans accounts on Android phone. Whether any question regarding this trick or this article, ask me below in the comment box. Keep visiting Android Territory for more tips and tricks.



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