Hey, It’s Teddy from a YouTube channel named Teddy’s Mind. I had uploaded a video- How to add any face in Mini Militia in 2016. Mini Militia is a very popular multiplayer game for Android and iOS. So in that video, I have shown you a method that how you can change the face or body parts in Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia. This is a lil’ tricky process so here I’m gonna share full method, how to change avatar skins or body parts in Mini Militia. Just follow these simple steps and you will be able to do it.

How to change face or body parts in Mini Militia

First, you have to download these following apps to edit and replace game data. Apk editor and a pro photo editor app, I recommend PS touch.

Download Apk editor | PS touch

After downloaded install these apps and follow these simple steps-

Step 1. Save the menuTexture.png

 face mini militia invisible avatar apk editor

First, open the Apk editor app. And select Mini Militia as apk or app >> now select the middle option Simple Edit (FILE REPLACEMENT) >> then you will see many folders like assets, fabric, lib, etc.

add face mini militia invisible avatar apk editor

Now open to assets folder and then open hd folder (I recommend for screen 720 by 1080 pixel) or open hdr folder (I recommend for screen 1080 by 1920 pixel) now find menuTexture.png. as you can see the above screenshot there is save and edit option on the right side. Now tap to the save button to save the menuTexture.png image. It will save your internal storage of your phone in this following folder ApkEditor>>Images>>menuTexture.png.

Step 2. Edit the menuTexture.png

After save, now you need to edit it. menuTexture.png is an image of png format, it contains all body parts of all avatars in the Mini Militia game.

Open the PS touch photo editor app. There are many photo editor apps available in Google Play Store. I recommend PS touch, cuz this is a powerful Photo editor tool for Android. Open the menuTexture.png into PS touch and edit it. Just remove those body parts of an avatar and add your custom body parts or face on the same place using the PS touch or any photo editing tools. Now save the image to your gallery or in storage as png format.

You can watch this video for better understand.

Steps 3. Replace the menuTexture.png

After editing the image now you have to replace it with the original. To replace it open Apk editor >> select Mini Militia >> select the middle option Simple Edit (FILE REPLACEMENT).

 face mini militia invisible avatar apk editor

Now Open the assets folder >> hd or hdr. Just open the folder from where you had saved the menuTexture.png image. Tap to the edit option on right side of menuTexture.png and it will pop up your phone storage. Select the edited menuTexture.png which you have edited using PS touch or photoshop.

Step 4. Save & install

 face mini militia invisible avatar apk editor

After all, tap the Save button to create a modified mini militia and then just tap install button to install the app in your phone.


All of the changes will be founded in the game. If you change an avatar skins or body parts so that you will find them in game settings>>avatar. All of the changes will be visible only on your device. Share the app with your friends to get visible those changes on their phones. You can use the same method to get an invisible avatar in Mini Militia. If any question regarding this post “How to add own face body parts skins in Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia” feel free to write in the comment box.

Thanks for reading. keep visiting to Android Territory.


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