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Lucky Patcher App: We use a lot of apps and run a lot of games on our Android phone. There are plenty free apps are available on Google Play Store to free download and use on Android. But, a few amazing and interesting features of those apps are bound and restricted in java code by developers. That features can be unlocked when we purchase and buy spending money.

Lucky Patcher is a great Android app and tool, that is worked on both rooted and unrooted Android devices. Using lucky patcher app you can bypass license of Android apps, trick app permissions, and it has more amazing features. Well, you can also say, this is an app editor tool that takes control of other apps. You can edit and rebuild an app using some amazing features of its like Clone application, Create MOD Apk file, Remove Ads, Backup apps and more.

Lucky Patcher Latest Apk Info:

lucky patcher

Size7 MB
Installs50 Millions+
Requires Android2.3+
Root RequiredNo

Lucky Patcher Original Apk Download

Download Lucky Patcher app:

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Lucky Patcher App Features

Lucky patcher is an amazing tool for Android phones, it comes on Android with a lot of features that work for both rooted Android and non-rooted Android phones. It gives you many features. If you are using a rooted Android device, you an get more features and more advantages on a rooted Android instead of using an unrooted Android.

For non-rooted Android devices (Lucky patcher no root) it may be one of the best tools for Android that you have used or seen on Android.

Lucky Patcher No Root: The app that has an icon of smiling Android emoji is very helpful for rooted as well as non rooted Android phones. To use this great app on any no rooted Android device (4.0+) you can hack app purchases of almost every offline apps and games. I have discussed some of the most useful features of lucky patcher below.

Remove Ads

You may have used many free apps that contain ads, when you use those apps while connected an internet connection, those apps show ads on startup, on overlay screen. To remove ads and get ads free version, those apps must require app purchasing that means you have to pay for this. Lucky patcher has a great ads remover feature for rooted device. To use the feature you can rebuild and modify ads free app.

Move to System Apps

There are two types of apps are available for Android, user apps, and system apps. User apps are those which you can easily install and uninstall from without any superuser permission. User apps, e.g third party any app from Google Play. System apps are those which are not capable to remove or install without superuser permission. To use the Move to System app feature, you can move any app to a system app. System apps e.g. Calendar app, Play Store, the File manager.

Create MOD APK Files

You can hack almost any offline game and app using this feature of lucky patcher on your Android phone. It works on both rooted and unrooted devices. You can easily hack app purchasing of games and apps on your mobile whether the mobile is rooted or non rooted. You need to not to pay to buy gems, golds, coins in various Android games, also unlock premium features of various apps.

Uninstall System Apps

If you want to remove any system app from your Android phone, then you can use this feature to remove those unwanted system apps from your rooted Android mobile. Make sure, a system app is part of the Android operating system, Be very careful while performing on it, because your phone might be got a soft brick.

Custom patches

The feature helps you to find and patch whatever you want. It works on rooted devices only. You can change the usage of permissions of an app and there are a lot of things you can do.

How to Use Lucky Patcher App on Android

how to use lucky patcher

There are plenty features are available in lucky patcher for rooted Android only, but you can also get a few premium features for unrooted Android. You can hack the app purchase of almost Android apps and games to use lucky patcher any unrooted Android phone (2.3+). I have discussed and taught usages of Lucky patcher for both rooted and non rooted Android phones in another article, you can read that also.



Lucky Patcher Android App Permissions

To run the app on your Android phone, it does not require a superuser or root permission. You can use this app without a rooted phone with its limited features. To install and run the app properly on any Android device, it needs these following permissions of the Android.

  • Access WIFI State
  • Access Fine Location
  • Bluetooth
  • Access Coarse Location
  • Internet
  • Vibrate
  • Access Network State
  • System Alert Window
  • Kill Background Processes
  • Write Settings
  • Write External Storage
  • Read External Storage

This app might need some additional more permissions as its need to run on Android. Those permissions are as follows:

  • Read Logs
  • Access Superuser
  • Interact Across Users Full
  • Write Media Storage

Installation Guide

After downloading Lucky patcher Apk you have to install this following the simple installation guide. For first time installation on an Android phone, ‘Unknown Sources’ option must be turned on. If you don’t know how to turn on Unknown Sources and install an Apk file from file manager you can see the following steps. Make sure to turn off the internet connection on your Android phone while installing this app.

vidmate apk

  1. Go to phone Settings on your Android phone, then go to the Security / Advance options.
  2. You will get a section there named Privacy, tap it and you will see an option “Unknown Sources” just click the option and turn it on.
  3. Find the Lucky Patcher Apk in your phone storage, then tap the Apk file and then tap to Install the file your phone.



Lucky patcher is no longer available on Google Play. because this app may be harmful to your Android device. To bypass app purchase and hacking any app using Lucky Patcher is illegal. This article is just for an educational and general purpose only. The content doesn’t promote any fraudulent activities and doesn’t mislead others. Try a query in the search bar for latest apps. Keep visiting Android Territory for more contents like this.

Lucky Patcher App Latest 7.2.2 Apk Download For Android
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