Master Royale APK Download Latest Version v2.7.4 | 2v2 Battle Mode

master royale

Master Royale is No 1 private server of Clash Royale Mod on the internet. I have played many servers of CR but I never have got a private server like Master Royale (MR). It is the best private server of Clash Royale among all the servers including Rlight, Nulls Royale, I ever played. It gives such features that you never get in those other private servers of CR. The players and fan base of Master Royale is huge and they enjoy it a lot than enjoying in other servers. If you download Master Royale latest version and start playing it, you would not even think about any other other private servers. If you like, or rather love playing Clash Royale you may fall in love with the Master Royale private server.

It used to serve multiple servers like S1, S2, S3, but it does not serve such multiple servers. They rather serve a single server that has all the features of all those servers. So, stop looking for multiple servers and download Master Royale S1 APK new version below. It has some amazing features that the original version does not have even some feature the other servers of Clash Royale do not have either. This is the reason MR is the best for playing Clash Royale Mod APKs. We have displayed all the features of Master Royale so you could take a look at them while downloading its latest APK.

Master Royale Latest APK Info

master royale
Size113 MB
Last update2019
FeaturesAll Emotes, Unlimited resources
Private serverMasterRoyale
Details credit RoyaleServers.Net
Requires Android4.4.2+

Download Master Royale Latest APK 2019

master royale


Download APK (113 MB)



Features of Master Royale Modded Server

  • Endless resources
  • Unlimited Free Diamonds Value Packs
  • 72/72 All Emotes unlocked
  • 1v1 and 2v2 battle modes
  • Command feature
  • Clan features
  • Master Royale Celebration
  • Ultimate challenges
  • Fast match-searching
  • 100% uptime server
  • Max level hero
  • Save / Sync progress with Facebook
  • News Royale Original
  • Latest cards
  • Clan wars

Master Royale Comes With These Cool Features

master royale

Why are you looking for other servers of Clash Royale having multiple server if one server of MasterRoyale comes with all the features? The most amazing and cool feature of MR is the, ‘save progress’. If you have been playing the game for a long time and you never want to lose all the progress you played in such cases removing app data, uninstalling the game, you could save your progress just connecting the game with your Facebook account. Once you connected if your game get crashed or removed you could restore the progress by connecting with the same Facebook id with a new installation of Master Royale. Beside this, you get unlimited gems, when you open the game you get 1000000 number of gems, you could also increase upto ultimate number by collecting Free Diamonds Value Packs. A new Free Diamonds Value Pack comes free at every start of the game. Emotes features is the great way to communicate and fun to other challengers. You get all the emotes unlocked 72/72 in Master Royale latest version. You can create and join a clan and use these emotes in clan chat as well.

master royale

If you have ever played Miroclash Coc then there a change that you know about Command feature. It is used to modify and set game resources and base. Command feature is available in Clash Royale Mod APK of Master Royale only. You can use Command feature to set a value of resources and upgrading hero level, cards etc. You can see an example of Command below and learn how you can use them.

How to Use Commands in Master Royale

Once you have installed the game a few commands come as features in the game, you can find them in your player profile inbox. To use one of those commands you just need to type the command either in Clan search form or Clan-chat, after typing just tap search or enter. The action of the command should private soon. You can see some screenshots as an example.

master royale

master royale
master royale


Clash Royale is a very famous battle royale moble game and Master Royale is a mod verion of it, it is not available on Google Play and it is not approved by supercell either. In this article, I shared with you “Master Royale APK latest version” and its details and features just for general and educational purposes only. If you like the mod you can download it from their website. Keep visiting Android Territory for latest updates of the game and news.


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