Smart mobile phones have become one of our necessary things in our life. A smartphone is not used only to make phone calls or send messages nowadays. What factors to consider when buying a smartphone? When you think to buy a new Android smartphone you might ask your friend or someone who is little geeky and he has better knowledge of it. If you want to buy a smartphone and you are little confused about choosing it, so here I am going to discuss some factors that you should consider when buying a smartphone.


What to Check and Factors to Consider When Buying a Smartphone | Smartphone Buying Guide


I have discussed some factors that really matter of choosing a new smartphone. Read the guide carefully so you will know that some factors are important and must be considered of buying an Android mobile phone.

Do Not Be a Listener

1) Most of the people buy smartphones after hearing and seeing an ad/advertisement. I am not saying that stop buying a product that advertises, every mobile company advertises of its products. You should consider before buying a phone just don’t be a fool seeing advertisements.

2) Don’t be a listener of sellers and shopkeepers of mobile shops. When you buy a mobile phone from a local shop instead of buying from online, you may face it. A shopkeeper may say and helps you of choosing your phone, but don’t listen to them, you will have chosen your phone from home then buy that from wherever you can.


Many of my friends say me, Help me to choose a smartphone. The processor is one of the most important things to know before buying a smartphone. Some of the people buy their smartphone but they actually don’t know which processors and which types of processors are used in their phones. You should know the advantages of the processor of a mobile phone. A processor is core component of a mobile that helps to determine the operating speed, and It matters how fast a mobile works. You might see a low size of a game stuff while playing on the phone because of its processor is low.

So what type of processor must be included in the phone that you want to buy? read this to better understand what type of processor is best for an Android phone.


Now you have known the advantages of the processor of an Android smartphone. Now, the next thing you should check on a smartphone is the battery. Obviously, you will not buy a phone that comes with low battery life. Phone in the list of mid-range mobiles (under 150$+ and Rs 10,000+) 2500 mAh+ battery is must nowadays.


RAM stands for random-access memory. I have seen, most of the people just check the higher RAM of a phone before buying it.

There are a many of smartphones companies provide phones with batter RAM but low processor. Some mobile phones of those companies are not very value friendly and you can also say, not value for money products. They just make you fool with some highlighted features like selfie camera and higher RAM (Lower chipset, GHz). So don’t buy a phone that comes with a lower processor. RAM and processor both must be good.



Phone’s camera is one of the most factors that make it a smartphone. Having a camera of high megapixel actually doesn’t make the camera batter. High megapixel can give you the bigger size of photos. You should check megapixel of the camera along with its IOS, aperture, and some other features like autofocus, flashlight, face detector and more. The camera is one of biggest factors when buying a smartphone.

Body, OS, and UI

Everyone wants a better smartphone that comes with good features along with an amazing body, OS and also the better user interface. There are two types of build qualities, metal and plastic bodies are available in the entire mobile market. In my opinion, choose a phone of a metal body and also in lightweight. OS and UI are also very important factors to consider when buying a smartphone. Always get the latest version of OS for better features besides this you can see there are some mobile companies that provide their custom user interface like Mi’s Miui and Lenovo’s Vive UI.

Storage and Speaker

Do you like watching movies and playing games on your smartphone? If so, you must check these two features before buying an Android mobile. Placement of speaker of a smartphone matter when you listening songs and watching videos. Choose a handset that has a front facing or you can also Choos down-side speaker like the Redmi note 4 has. A smartphone’s storage is an important parameter when you store lots of videos games as well as all data. It depends on you, how many apps you want to keep on the device. You can go for 16 GB or 32 GB of space if you want to keep less number of apps on the phone. Go for 64 GB or higher for keeping a larger number of apps and for more you can also insert a memory card.


These were some ‘facts to know when buying smartphone’. I hope after reading this article smartphone buying guide you know “how to choose a mobile phone in India” or at anywhere. I have just discussed some of the most factors to consider when buying a smartphone. These are not all factors to see before buying a mobile, there are some more factors that should be considered like latest or next OS update plane. Check the offers, and decide how new you want your phone model to be. Wait for the best model and check previews of it then you could choose your phone wisely.


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