In this modern era, we get worried about not only real-life but also online activities. A few days ago, one of my friends sent me a text-message on WhatsApp saying, “Don’t Touch It or Do not Touch here, Otherwise, Your WhatsApp Will Be Crashed” I tought that would some kind of joke, and I excitedly touched that. Doing so, my Whatsapp was crashed and I had been worried about my phone. I tought, having a low size of RAM in my phone is the reason to happen so, then I forward the message “Don’t Touch Here” to my other smartphones which have higher process along with higher RAM, but the results were same that I saw on the first device. I have added the download-link of the code, ‘Don’t Touch Here’ below, so you can test on your Android.

Some of the users of the WhatsApp who have been fooled by this trick, they might think, this is a malware or hacking trick. After a deep search on this topic, the results have been described and displayed below of this paragraph.



Download The ‘Don’t Touch Here‘ Massage in HTML Format for Testing:

 Download (3967 Characters)


Don’t Touch Here (Hange, Crash), WhatsApp Massage Explained

The spam messages on Whatsapp is a common way to prank friends nowadays. This is not the first time that we see hang friends WhatsApp sending a message. There are many ways to do so, some people use apps like SMS Bomber, in those old ideas, a user needs to write and send the message of thousands of characters to someone’s WhatsApp whom he wants to prank on.


In this new idea, someone can easily make other people fool sending a short message on their WhatsApp. The reason of behind the hanging and crashing a phone when someone clicks the message “Don’t Touch Here” on his Whatsapp is the short message of the lengthy encoded text. To see the message you might think, this is written with a few characters, but the message is written with thousands of ASCII and special characters. This is the main reason WhatsApp crashes. Those type of encoded lengthy massage is not led by OS of a smartphone. There may be reasons of memory limitation and processor. When I decoded the massage of a computer, I got a lengthy massage of some codes and special characters. You can see the captured screenshot below.

do not touch here whatsapp


When I copied and pasted the message in a file of HTML format, I also tried to see that how many characters there belong in the short message. I saw there were 12 words, 1979 characters (with spaces) and 1976 characters (no spaces). You can see the screenshot below.

do not touch here whatsapp



In this article, I have shown and explained about the viral spam message on the messenger and WhatsApp. I have also given you the code for testing and searching purpose only. You download the 5KB of the HTML file, and also can copy to the file. Every opinion and thinking in the article is mine. Keep visiting Android Territory for more latest articles on Android.


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