multiple supercell ids with one gmail

If you are an addictive player of Clash of Clans and play multiple accounts, then this article ‘How to create multiple Supercell Ids with the same Gmail account‘ will be very helpful for you. As you know Supercell has launched a new feature called Supercell ID, and I have already discussed on this topic. Supercell ID problems when creating and logging in, too many attempts etc.

Well, if you are playing multiple Coc accounts on the same device or you just have started playing Coc with multiple accounts, then you should know this trick, “How to create multiple Supercell IDs with same Gmail account“. That means you can play multiple Clash of Clans accounts on the same device just using one Gmail account.



How to Create Multiple Supercell IDs With One Gmail Account


There is a great feature is available in Gmail account that is, you can use a single Gmail id as many multiple ids adding just a dot (.) character. Overall, you can use this trick to create your multiple Supercell IDs and you can play multiple Coc accounts.

If you already have connected your Gmail account with a Supercell ID and that is connected with your Coc village base. Then you can still use the same Gmail account to create another Supercell ID and that could be connected to a new Coc village base. If you are little confused to create a Supercell ID, then you can read the guide of Supercell ID. So, let’s get started the trick, how to create multiple Coc supercell ID accounts just using one Gmail.


Create Multiple Supercell Ids with the same Gmail Id

Suppose you have a Gmail account id ([email protected]). You can link this Gmail id to connect with a Supercell ID, or you have already linked this Gmail Id to Supercell Id and that is connected and verified with your main Coc village.

To create and link another Supercell Id to the same Gmail Id ([email protected]), here what you have to do. When you will try to connect another or new Coc village with a new Supercell Id, it asks your Gmail id.

Here is the main trick while creating the new Supercell Id with the same Gmail account. To create a new Supercell Id, you will put the same Gmail account ([email protected]) which was already connected with your main Coc village base. But just you have to add a dot (.) among your Gmail id username like ([email protected]) or ([email protected]). Then just do the same what is done to create a Supercell Id. It will send a verification code to your Gmail id ([email protected]), check your Gmail inbox get the code and active your Supercell Id.

multiple supercell id with one gmail


You can create more than two accounts just adding a dot (.) among your Gmail id username like “[email protected]; or [email protected]; or [email protected]

But make sure you note all the ids what have been made and connected with your Coc accounts.



Thia was the simple trick, “how to create multiple Coc accounts“, Supercell Ids with one Gmail account”. You can create more than two accounts but don’t make more accounts. I hope this article was helpful, keep visiting Android Territory for more Coc guide and tips and tricks.



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