builder hall 8 base layouts

How is it going Clasher! As we know Builder hall 8 is now available and every addictive player of Clash of Clans is busy to build his Builder hall 8 base also known as the Bh8 base and pushing trophy. Nowadays, we need not spend our much time on building and designing our bases. There we get plenty base designs in a way of a search on Google. Therefore, I have brought some best builder hall 8 base layouts for you. To use one of these top and best selected defensive BH8 best base layouts you can increase your trophies at the high.

To reach 6000+ trophies isn’t easy in builder hall level 8 if you have a defensive Builder hall 8 base design and if you do not use great attack strategies. In this article, I have selected and attached images of 12 best Builder hall 8 base or BH8 base layouts. If we take a look at the new builder hall 8 update, we can see somethings are new.

What Are New In Builder Hall 8 Base ?

In the update of Builder hall 8, Supercell has added some defense buildings, traps and also added the new defense building called Mega Tesla, besides these, a new troop has been unlocked named Super P.E.K.K.A. Following these buildings are unlocked in Builder hall 8.

  • +1 Mega Tesla
  • +1 Elixir Collector and +1 Gold Mine
  • +1 Fire Cracker
  • +1 Double Cannon and +1 Cannon
  • +1 Hiden Tesla
  • +1 Army Camp
  • +2 Spring Traps
  • +1 Push Trap
  • +1 Mega Mine

Top 12 Best Builder Hall 8 Base Layouts | TH8 Best Base Designs

Placements of the traps, bombs and a few buildings may be little unsystematic while any of these bases willl be designed. You can replace the traps and bombs as your need. Following these attached bases have all unlocked buildings, traps, and bombs.

builder hall 8 base

Max Builder hall 8 base

builder hall 8 base

BH8 base layout

builder hall 8 base

Amazing Builder hall 8 base layout

builder hall 8 base

Anti 1 star Bh8 base layout

builder hall 8 base

Anti-air and ground builder base 8

builder hall 8 base

Builder hall 8 base anti-ground

Builder Hall 8 Anti Super P.E.K.K.A Base Best Layouts

PEKKA is a well-known troop in the Clash of Clans. It is unlocked in Townhall 8 in home village and in the night base it is unlocked in Builder hall 8 as named Super PEKKA. Super Pekka could be very powerful unit if you have not designed you base enough strong that can defend Super Pekka attack strategies. I have attached some best layouts of builder hall 8, using any of these base designs you can defend Super Pekka attacks as well as other attacks.

builder hall 8 base

Anti 2 stars night base 8

builder hall 8 base

Max base builder hall 8

builder hall 8 base

Anti Air drop ship and super P.E.K.K.A builder hall 8 base

builder hall 8 base

Anti PEKKA attack Builder hall 8 base with all traps

builder hall 8 base

Best defensive builder hall 8 base layout

builder hall 8 base

Anti P.K.K.A base builder hall 8


All these bases were edited and designed by us. This is an article on Clash of Clans bases “Builder hall-8 base layouts“. I hope you satisfied with these bh8 base designs, for more Coc bases keep visiting Android Territory. We feel free to help you, if any suggestion or question about this article feel free to write in the comment box.



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