WhatsApp is one of the best communication apps for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Java users. I’ve seen, most of the people search for best WhatsApp tools for Android. If you are one of them, so keep reading this article.


What is WhatsApp?

Whatsapp is a very popular instant messenger app, you will get many reasons to having the app on every Android phone. WhatsApp is free and easy to use, it comes with plenty features, you can exchange text, pics, GIFs videos, mp3 and other files quickly to another WhatsApp users. isn’t it?


What is WhatsApp tools?

Obviously, there are many WhatsApp tools available on Google Play Store for Android phone, I’ve listed some spacial apps for you. If you are looking for best WhatsApp spy apps or WhatsApp tools apk, so that, this post will be helpful for you. I’m going to share best WhatsApp tools for Android users. People nowadays, might want some spy apps for WhatsApp that can help to monitoring activities of other WhatsApp users, and more. I’ve listed 4 apps that will worthy for you.



Best WhatsApp tools for Android phone

best whatsapp tools

Have you any idea about WhatsApp tools? Actually, a WhatsApp tool is an app that allows some extra features of WhatsApp messenger. Using these tools you can save story of WhatsApp, download video status, even you can set schedule massage to be delivered in future. Let’s see these WhatsApp tools.


1. Xymen Pro

best whatsapp tools

Xymen Pro is one of the best WhatsApp tools for Android phone. This app based on WhatsApp web that allows to run multiple WhatsApp accounts with the same device. You can clone another WhatsApp account in few seconds, even you can read and send massages from that account. Whatsapp web allows to run only one account, but Xymen allows upto ten accounts. This is the best app of spying another WhatsApp account.

It is very easy to set up, Suppose you have two devices (device-1 your phone and device-2 of victim). Just install and open the Xymen app (on device-1) >> select any client from the ten clients >> now you will display in the app.

Now, Open WhatsApp app (on device-2) >> tap to three dot menu. Now tap to Whatsapp Web >> then a QR code scanner will open >> Scan the QR code of Xymen app (device-1), from your victim’s WhatsApp (device-2). Once this QR scans, that account (device-2) will display on Xymen app (device-1). That’s it, very easy.


2. Scheduler for WhatsApp

best whatsapp tools

With this app you can schedule your future massages to send at a time. WhatsApp doesn’t offer it, but Scheduler for whatsapp offer it for any Android phone. It doesn’t required root permission. You can use it to wish your friends or family members at spacial time. Here, in the app you will get another good feature that is repeat option. You can schedule massages with repeat option, daily, weekly, monthly also yearly. As you can see the screenshot, you just need to select recipient type, select time, select repeat frequency and then enter your message. It allows images and GIFs attachment with massages, but for this you have to purchase the feature.

You need to enable accessibility to use the app, for this go to Settings >> Accessibility >> and turn on Whatsapp Scheduler.



3. Notifly

best whatsapp tools

One of my favorite massenger app is Facebook massenger, cuz that comes with a lot features. One of the best is chat head. When someone message me it simply popup a chat head on display. WhatsApp doesn’t offer it, but you can also use chat head using an app called Notifly. You can also use the app to get chat head for Hangout and Gmail. Follow these instructions to get chat head for WhatsApp. At first, install Notifly app and open it, it requires two permissions to work – System overlay and Receive notifications. Turn on the WhatsApp chat head feature and you will able to get cheat head of WhatsApp.


4. Story Saver for WhatsApp

best whatsapp tools

If you want to save daily stories , statuses of your WhatsApp, so there’s an app available on Google Play Store. Story Saver for WhatsApp is an Android app that allows to save WhatsApp stories and statuses easily without root permission. Size of the app is only 2 MB, and it’s very easy to use. Install and open the the app, it comes with a simple interface. Recent Stories option to get your new statuses and stories of your WhatsApp, tap any of your stories and tap to save button to save that in your gallery.



Selected all apps are free for download from Google Play Store. These were the “4 Best WhatsApp tools for Android” if any question regarding this article, so please let us know, write in comment box. keep visiting this website for best tricks and more.


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