Hey! Clasher, are you a player of Town Hall level 7 of Clash of clans and, do you love playing clan wars? If yes, then keep reading. In this article, We have picked some top and best coc th 7 war base layouts. Town hall 7 or ‘base th 7′ is a very addictive level of coc, where a player gets new buildings, new troops and also a hero. If you do love playing clan wars and you don’t want to see a red-line in your clan war log, then you should play clan wars well, therefore you need best defensive town hall 7 war base. As we know that Clash of clans is a strategy game, wherein the game we have to upgrade our buildings as well as defenses to get victories.

In this article, We have picked some best coc town hall 7 defensive war base designs, which can help you in clan wars.




Best Town Hall 7 War Base Layouts

When I was at this level, I would use a lot of war bases and I would only use dragon and hog attacks in clan wars. Actually, dragon attack is the most effective attack strategy for Town hall 7 bases. Sometimes my opponents weren’t able to get 2 stars from my base, I have a huge collection of th7 bases and, here in this article, I have picked some of those defensive TH7 war bases. I hope these base designs of town hall 7 will be helpful for you.



Best exceptional and rare Town Hall 7 designs| bases TH7 2017 – 2018

I Have seen, most of the clashers don’t take the clan war seriously hench they aren’t able to increase their clan level. If you do care for your clan, you should take a look at these rare war bases th7.

coc th7 war base

Best defensive th7 war base


coc th7 war base

Th7 base 2017 – 2018


coc th7 war base

Anti 3 stars base


coc th7 war baseMax th7 base with 5 builder huts



Best TH7 war base layouts – Anti Dragon attack

Dragon attack strategy is the most powerful attack strategy of th7 bases. Here. I attached some best anti air attacks as well as ground attacks base layouts to this article. Every base has included 3 air defenses around the town hall.

coc th7 war baseAnti dragon attack amazing th7 base


coc th7 war base

Anti 3 stars town hall 7 war base


coc th7 war base

Anti air war base th level 7



Top Town Hall 7 war base designs – Anti ground attacks

In the town hall level 7, you will face air attacks as well as ground attacks. If your base getting wrecked by the ground attack then you must need best anti ground attack base design. In this post, I have listed best anti-air attacks and anti-ground attacks bases as well. Check out these anti hog, giant bases. Using one of these bases you can also push trophies. You can use these base designs to reach Crystal league or Master league.

coc th7 war base

Th7 war base 2017



coc th7 war base

Th7 war base defenses


coc th7 war baseAnti hog defensive base th 7


coc th7 war base

Top th7 war layout


coc th7 war base

Town hall 7 war base anti everything



Final words

Clash of clans is one of the most addictive strategy games for Android and iOS. I have been playing coc for 3 years and these were my collection of, “best Town Hall 7 th7 war base layouts” I know these weren’t enough to make you satisfy. You can check related more articles, I hope you will love those. Android Territory provides best tips and tricks as well as Android gaming articles. Keep visiting for more.



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