Clash of clans! That is a most addictive strategy game for Android and iOS. Hey Clasher! If you are searching for BH7 best base layouts for your builder hall 7 base, so then, you are on the real territory. Here in this article, I have selected 10 best bh 7 base layouts which are very effective against both air and ground attacks, such as drop ships, baby dragons, giants and beta minions attacks. As you know these attack strategies are very powerful in BH 7 and BH 6 as well. Dropship is a new troop that is get unlocked at builder base level 7. Supercell increased the versus battle rewards to 4000 trophies. If you want to increase your trophy high, more than 4k so you must need a good base design.

We have designed 10 best coc builder hall 7 base layouts which are really amazing against both air and ground attacks. Take a look below and choose your best bh7 village base layout




Best BH7 Base Layouts | Top 10 Builder hall Base Designs 2018

Coc now comes with two different modes, normal town hall base, and builder hall base. In the normal base, trophies do matter of daily bonus loot and not of anytime loot. Here In the builder ball base, you get loot only in versus battle daily loot bonus. If you are a BH7 or BH6 player then you must have known the advantages of pushing trophy. You have to win every battle and every single building truly does matter of your victory, so you must need a defensive base layout to increase your trophies.



Best BH7 Base Layouts

Keep reading, in these top 10 best bh7 base designs, I have recommended my 3 best Bh7 base layouts.

bh7 base layouts

Bh7 base anti drop ship

This is one of my 3 favorite bases. It is an epic anti two stars builder hall level 7 base. It’s really good defensive base against air attacks. You can see, air bombs and roaster placed at center in the base. Builder hall placed among all defense buildings, so it’s gonna too hard to get 3 stars from this base.

bh7 base layouts

Anti air attacks bh 7 base layout

It’s another air defensive base, take a look at the wall layout, you can see it’s truly defensive against ground troops. Main defense buildings are also placed around the BH.

bh7 base layouts

Amazing coc bh7 defense base

This is an anti three stars bh level 7 base design. Builder hall was kept at corner and not center, so your opponents may be able to get two stars only.


bh7 base layouts

Best BH7 base layout 2018

It’s one of the best coc builder hall level 7 bases. Suppose you are attacking this base, can you take 3 stars? Actually not. It’s an anti 3 base.

I will share an article “best attack strategy for bh7” so you can take two or three stars from every bases.

Clash of Clans Builder Hall 7 Base Designs


bh7 base layouts

Bh 7 base with giant cannon

This is an anti giant and other ground attacks base. Wall designs and traps truly do bother an attacker. This base quite designed for anti ground attacks.

bh7 base layouts

Excellent builder hall base 2018

This is also one of my best favorite base designs. Giant cannon, air bombs, roaster, multi mortar, 2 crushers and 2 double cannons have been paced around the builder hall.

bh7 base layouts

Anti drop ship base design

Drop ship!! It is a new troop which is get unlocked at bh level 7. This drop-ship drops skeletons in mass area, so this can be used in ground and air attacks as well. Try the above base design that is an anti-drop ship attacks base.

bh7 base layouts

Top anti air attack bh7 base

It’s an amazing bh 7 base which designed the best layout. Using this layout you will be able to increase your trophy high.

bh7 base layouts

Builder hall night village base

It is a defensive base against both anti-air and ground attacks. Perfect building placements and wall layouts make it a best bh7 base.

bh7 base layouts

Latest bh 7 base layout

After all, it is another favorite base design of mine. Using ground attacks you can easily take 2 stars off this base. If you make an air attack, so it may be difficult to get a star.

Final words

I have been playing clash of clans for 3 years and I am with the best family clan. I love the game!! All bases have resized and edited by us. Don’t forget to read more article on the clash of clans and BH level 7. These were “10 best coc bh7 base layouts” for you. Check out our unique and related posts. If you found this article helpful and if any question regarding this article, please write in comment box. Keep visit Android Territory for more.


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