best emulators for pubg

Have you started playing PUBG Mobile on your Android and are you looking for the best Android Emulators for Pubg on Pc? If so, I’m going to help you to choose the best Emulator to play Pubg Mobile on Pc. If your Pc doesn’t have a maximum size of RAM (2GB Minimum), Graphics card and processor, you can still play Pubg Mobile on your pc to use any one of these emulators which have been listed below. However, Tencent has released their official Android Emulator (Tencent Gaming Buddy) for pc, so players can play Pubg Mobile on Pc. But the emulator named Tencent Gaming Buddy requires the minimum size of Ram 3GB.

If your windows Pc has minimum 2 GB of Ram you can play Pubg Mobile on it without lag, for best performance you can enable virtualization from BIOS. Let’s see, which Android Emulators give you the best performance for playing Pubg Mobile. I have gathered 4 best Android Emulators for Pubg mobile on low-end PCs. I have also displayed the size of the apps and minimum requirements to run on your pc or laptop.

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4 Best Android Emulators for PUBG MOBILE on Low End Pc And Laptop

best emulators for pubg

1. Tencent Gaming Buddy

App Size: 9 MB

Requires Minimum RAM: 3 GB

PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS of Pc version is a paid game, it can be downloaded and played with Steam on your pc, it requires high-end Pc because its graphic is too high. However, with the official Emulator of Tencent you can play Pubg Mobile version on your pc which is free to download and play, it doesn’t come with high graphics. Players can enjoy the Pubg Mobile on a big Pc screen with Tencent Gaming Buddy.


2. MEmu Player

App Size: 280 MB

Requires Minimum RAM: 2 GB

MEmu player is a great emulator to play any mobile game on low end pc and laptop. If your pc doesn’t have high graphics and High Ram you can still play Pubg Mobile on your Pc. You just need to download the latest version of MEmu player from its website and install it on your Pc. The app sets DirectX as default rendering mode. After installed MEmu Player, you need to login into Google Play and install PUBG Mobile. The app requires minimum 2 GB ram of pc.


3. NoxPlayer

App Size: 310 MB

Requires Minimum RAM: 1.5 GB

NoxPlayer is another android Emulator that can easily be installed and run on low end pc. The app’s minimum requirements are, 1.5 GB Ram, Video supports Open GL 2.0 or above and at least dual core processor (Intel and AMD both work). To play Pubg Mobile on your low end pc, you can download and install NoxPlayer (Latest Version) from its website. If your pc has a low size of Ram you have to set the emulator as CPU 2 or more memory at least 2 GB and resolution 1280×720, after making the changes you need to restart NoxPlayer. To install Pubg Mobile, sign into Google Play and install PUBG MOBILE and enjoy!


4. BlueStacks

App Size: 415 MB

Requires Minimum RAM: 2 GB

One of the most used and famous emulators is BlueStacks App Player. Most of the emulator users use BlueStacks more than other emulators. It provides more features, that other emulators can not provide, but the software’s requirements are strong. It requires minimum 2GB of Ram, Dual-core processor, Intel and both work. To play Pubg Mobile on Bluestacks app player is easy, you just need to sing into your Google Play account and install PUBG Mobile.


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Final Words

In this article, I have gathered 6 best Android Emulators for low end Pc, and I have also displayed its minimum requirements to run on Pc. Download links for these apps have been linked to its official websites. To get the smooth and lag-free screen you need to enable virtualization in your windows pc from BIOS settings. If your has more than 3 Gb of Ram, I hardly recommend you to use Tencent Gaming Buddy instead of other emulators. This is the best settings for Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator to play Pubg Mobile smoothly on Pc. I hope the article “Best Emulators for Pubg Mobile on Pc” is helpful for you, keep visiting Android Territory.


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